Who will win the Champions League 2020? Please, don’t answer if you don’t like Football.


Who will win the Champions League 2020? Please, don’t answer if you don’t like Football.

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    The UEFA Champions League is the most difficult football competition to win, and as a football fan I can tell you that money can’t win the UCL take Man City and PSG as examples in which they spend huge amount of money on transfers still not a single UCL trophy.

    Who is most likely to win?

    Liverpool; I mean it is no secret they are the team to beat this season, the current Champions have the most balance squad in Europe and will be aiming to make it 7

    Real Madrid; the record Meister know how to win this competition, everything looks Okay at the moment for Real, Zidane seems to have found balance in the team and City must watch out they are 13x Champions for a reason.

    PSG; on paper this team can beat anybody I mean ANYBODY but their past haunts them. With Neymar having the form of his life and the Ligue 1 already won I feel they have a chance to go far.

    Man City; they have the deepest squad in Europeand with the Premier league race already won by Liverpool, Pep has to get his tactics right against Real, Yes it is a MUST.

    Bayern Munich; the 5x Champions going forward can hurt any team but their problem is defending, Flick has to tighten his defense fast.

    Juventus; CR7 and Co have to get their midfield working, Sarri’s philosophy isn’t working at the moment but I feel with Mr. Champions League in this team they have a chance.

    No Barca Yeah they come at Number 7 because of lack of attacking players, with Real 3pts ahead in laliga and the UCL as competitive as it is, Barca MUST choose either to chase Laliga or UCL.

    Winning the UCL you need luck and if Real Madrid can overcome Man City, I will pick Real Madrid as my favorites to WIN.



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    Step-by-step explanation:

    2020 UEFA Champions League Odds

    Team Odds

    Liverpool +650

    Barcelona +700

    PSG +1000

    Juventus +1100

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