how to find the decimal expansion of root 5 with explanation


how to find the decimal expansion of root 5 with explanation

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    Step-by-step explanation:


    Step-by-step explanation:

    =>Step 1: The number 5 can be written as 5.00000000. i.e., 5 = 5.00000000

    =>Step 2: Take the number whose square is below 5. So, 4 is the perfect square of number 2 and is below 5.

    =>Step 3: Write the number 2 in both divisor and quotient place, such that when 2 multiplied by 2 gives 4. Subtract 4 from 5, you will get the answer 1.

    =>Step 4: Next carry down two zeros and write down after 1 and take the decimal point after 1 in the quotient.

    =>Step 5: Now add 2 in divisor to make it 4. Take a number next to 4, such that when we multiply the combination with the same number, we get a number which is less than or equal to 100. Hence, we will take here 2 such that 42 multiplied by 2 gives 84, which is less than 100. Subtract it with 100 now to get the remainder. So, the remainder is 16.

    =>Step 6: Now again carry down two zero’s and repeat step 5 up to 4 places of decimals.

    =>Step 7: Finally, you get the quotient value as 2.2360, which is approximately equal to 2.24


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